Selasa, 14 Oktober 2014

Confidence is broken

"I know, I was your spokesperson! I have scrupulously abided by the government's functioning. Matignon was alerted Sunday by my chief of staff, we have had no response. On Monday afternoon [the day before his interview with RTL, Ed], Enjoy Coloring I said exactly the same thing as RTL in the newspaper Le Monde , it even appears in the subtitle of the article, I have not received any phone call reaction. [...] Even if you consider that I have made ​​a mistake, that does not justify the turn events are taking all this is disproportionate, "said Minister then.

Fran├žois Hollande is adamant: "You will go to the Prime Minister you gonna put you agree with him you must find common ground if you do not put you agree, you know... what will happen. you become again member. Okay, you'll be a member among others ... You know, there are many who are ready to take your place in the government. Including, of those who support you. [ ...] Once your text is passed, you will see the Prime Minister. "

"Confidence is broken"

It's done. Minister of Ecology visits the office of Jean-Marc Ayrault. Soon, the tone is set. "Trust is broken. Did you questioned my budget decisions," he said. "You put into question government policy, that's the worst," says the former mayor of Nantes.

The verdict is: "You put in question our actions, trust is broken You know what will happen now, it was everything.". Fran├žois Hollande in turn inform, again by telephone, formalizing his departure. She did not finally met with the president face to face. Less than ten hours after his words, Delphine Batho is ousted from the government.

You choose either a statement or you leave

"You choose either a statement or you leave"

Then it was the turn of Francois Hollande to take the stage: "You must respond to the request of the Prime Minister, I do not understand what you did this morning I listened to you.", Send him t there. Delphine Batho replied that she "talks" with just Jean-Marc Ayrault. Indeed. As she explained to the Prime Minister that "it is our decision that this political problem will be solved", it gives him an ultimatum. "Then you choose either a statement or you leave" In his book, Delphine Batho then said "stunned." His "hands shake nervously." Enjoy Coloring She answers: "I am available at any time to discuss this in person."

The conversation continues and the telephone. The Prime Minister called Delphine Batho that "limping along" but "try not to show it," she says in her book. "I told him I did not belie my words, I will not go, there was a problem instead of ecology and energy transition in the decisions of our government, she wrote today . [...] What I want to see him to talk about it directly. he will not listen. Confrontation is hard. " What the prime minister replied: "I understood, he said sternly to end the conversation, hang dry as before." She includes: "He wants my head."

"It was I who was elected on May 6"

To 15 hours, then it stands a bill to the National Assembly, the president asked, too, to talk to her on the phone. Delphine Batho back on this exchange: "It was only on Saturday that I learned that the Department of Ecology was the most sacked in budget cuts No Minister of Ecology would accept it without a fight." Defends -she. "If there is a problem is I need to talk about it. It was I who was elected on May 6," reproached Francois Hollande.